Kristi Noem

Warrants For Kristi Noem's Arrest: Two Warrants Issued for The Arrest OF Kristi NoemAliases: Kristi Lynn Noem, Kristi Lynn ArnoldCharges: Kristi Noem clearly thinks she's above the law and that the rules don't apply to her.

Kristi Noem has been called a “habitual lawbreaker” because she’s “broken the law dozens of times.” Six times, she received a notice for failure to appear in court, and she’s had two warrants issued for her arrest.

Warrants issued for Kristi Noem's arrest: 2
Times Kristi Noem failed to appear: 6
Total fines Kristi Noem paid: over $2100
Kristi Noem's Total violations: 28

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Associated Press: "...took particular note of two warrants that were issued for Noem's arrest when she failed to pay fines."

Mitchell Daily Republic Editorial: "So yes, we do consider high numbers of traffic violations — and in some cases, warrants for late payment and other surprising violations — to be a problem."

Politics Daily: "She has also received six notices for failing to appear in court and two arrest warrants for failing to pay fines related to her tickets. She was stopped by police earlier this year for driving 94 mph."

Noem repeatedly breaks the law when she gets behind the wheel. She has nearly 30 total known violations, including 20 speeding tickets - many at very high rates of speed. Even though it’s added up to thousands of dollars worth of fines and endangered herself, her passengers and others, she hasn’t changed. Most recently, she received a ticket in February for driving 94 miles per hour.

In addition to her habitual speeding habit, she also has a troubling history of simply ignoring the laws of South Dakota, and failing to answer for the punishment she receives. Her pattern demonstrates not only a reckless disregard for the law, but a belief that the laws that every other South Dakotan lives by simply don't matter.

It’s clear that Kristi Noem thinks the rules don’t apply to her.

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